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Sam Asghari Net Worth 2022: Income , Salary , Career , Wiki

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Sam Asghari Net Worth 2022

Net Worth: $3 Million
Annual Salary: $300,000
Real Name: Sam Asghari
Source of wealth: Personal Trainer
Relationship status: Engaged
Date of Birth: March 4, 1994
Age: 28 years
Gender: Male
Height: 188 cm (6 feet 2 inches)
Profession: Fitness Trainer
Girlfriend: Britney Spears
Nationality: American

Sam Asghari was born in Tehran, Iran on  March 4, 1994, and is famous for being a Personal Trainer and model who is engaged to Britney Spears

What does Sam Asghari do for a living?

Sam Asghari is a fitness guru and personal trainer and is the owner and founder of Asghari Fitness, a members-only program that offers clients individualized diet and workout plans. He met Britney in October 2016 while playing the love interest in her “Slumber Party” music video, and he is also a professional model, actor, and dancer. Asghari has continued to work on his fitness company while appearing in TV dramas such as NCIS, Showtime comedy series Black Monday, HBO’s Hacks, and Hulu’s Dollface among others.

How much is Sam Asghari worth in 2022?

Sam Asghari is worth $3 Million in 2022.

How does Sam Asghari make money?

Sam Asghari makes most of his money from fitness plans offered by his company Asghari Fitness. Asghari’s plan starts at $9 a week for each client, which comes out to $468 per year. It’s unclear how vast Asghari’s customer base is, but Asghari Fitness has over 27,000 Instagram followers while Sam himself has over 2.1 Million followers, we’re guessing it’s sizable enough to pay him well each year.

What is Britney Spears net worth?

Britney Spears net worth is $60 Million as reported by Forbes

Where does Sam Asghari live?

He currently lives in Los Angeles USA but was born in Tehran Iran and had immigrated to the USA when he was 12 years old.

How did Britney Spears and Sam Asghari meet

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari met for the first time for her “Slumber Party” music video in October 2016. In between takes, Asghari tried to lighten the mood by cracking a joke at the pop star’s expense. “She said, ‘Hi, my name is Britney,’ and Sam embarrassed her ‘Can you tell me your name again?’ With a laugh, Asghari says. “I made an attempt to be amusing. “I don’t believe anyone got it.”

Spears and Asghari ended up conversing during breaks and exchanging phone numbers before the session was over. That resulted in an invite to go out for sushi, and the rest is history.

How old is Sam Asghari?

Sam is 28 years old and was born on March 4, 1994

How tall is Sam Asghari ?

Sam Asghari is 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 m tall

Where is Sam Asghari from?

Sam was born in Tehran Iran but has been raised in the USA from the age of 12

Sam Asghari parents

Mike Asghari  and Fatima Asghari   are his parents his father is an American while his mom is an Iranian

Sam Asghari home

Sam and Britney Spears are looking to buy a house together and they were seen looking at a $16.5 Million house

Sam Asghari sister

Sam has three sisters Maddy, Ellie, and Faye and he is the youngest of them and the only son of the family.

Sam Asghari Wiki

On March 4, 1994, Sam Asghari, the youngest of four siblings, was born in Tehran, Iran. Mike, his father, came to Los Angeles when he was two years old to work as a tow truck driver, hoping that his family would be able to join him.

In 2006, Asghari, then 12 years old, moved to the United States with his father. After arriving in Los Angeles, the adolescent became immersed in athletics. Asghari joined his first American football squad his freshman year of high school, and he found a community on the team, just as he had in Iran. As a result, he was accepted into the University of Nebraska-football Lincoln’s program. However, Asghari returned to Los Angeles to play for Moorpark College after being cut before his freshman year.

He eventually gave up football entirely and moved to Los Angeles Pierce College to get a degree in criminal justice. Asghari supported himself while at Pierce by working three jobs.

Sam Asghari Career

In 2015, his sister Faye suggested that Sam Asghari model for Michael Costello, a personal friend, and fashion designer. The 21-year-debut old’s runway presentation was held in Palm Springs as a result of the tryout. Asghari booked his first commercial in early 2016 – a Super Bowl ad for Toyota Prius — as a result of one work leading to the next.

Asghari’s next notable role was as a construction worker in Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” music video. The video has approximately 2 billion views on YouTube, thanks in part to Asghari’s ripped body.

This was followed by the Slumber Party video with Britney and thereafter he has also managed to land a lot of acting gigs including HBO max’s hacks and Hulu’s Dollface.

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